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Welcome to the NEHA Professional Food Manager Testing Center for Prometric’s Certified Professional Food Manager Examination

Congratulations on completing your NEHA Professional Food Manager Food Safety Training course! You are now ready to take Prometric’s CPFM (Certified Professional Food Managers) Examination.

The CPFM exam is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and accepted in all states jurisdictions for food safety licensure requirements. The Prometric exam is also recognized by the Conference for Food Protection.

The Certified Professional Food Manager’s examination is available in English, Spanish and Korean in the (IBT) Internet-based testing format. The exam is a closed book test and must be taken in a proctored environment. If you do not have a proctor for this exam, please contact your trainer or supervisor and they will work with you on the next steps for you to have a proctor during this examination.

The examination contains 80 questions and candidates are allowed two hours to complete the examination. Candidates must receive a passing score of 70% for certification except in Illinois, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, and DeKalb County Georgia where 75% is required for a passing score and certification. Upon completion of the exam you will be given a pass or fail score. An exam with a passing score will be mailed a CPFM certificate, which will be valid for 5 years from the date the exam was taken.

Click on the appropriate link below to begin your exam process. A proctor must be present to take the exam and complete the registration and sign in processes.