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Welcome to the DSST Credit By Exam Program

The DSST Credit By Exam Program is used by colleges and universities to award college credit to individuals that have demonstrated knowledge comparable to completing a college-level classroom course in the subject. DSST exams are developed and administered by Prometric.

DSST Exams

All examinations must be taken at a test center location. A certified proctor must be present in order to gain access to the examination.

Exam Fee and Duration

The test fee for each title starts at US$85.00, which is only payable by credit card and is a non-refundable expense. You will have up to two hours to complete an examination.

Exam Results and Scoring

For most DSST exams, your results will be made available to you at the test center after your examination has been completed. You must provide the correct college code at the time of registration in order to have your official scores sent to the college of your choice. Check with your proctor if you have any questions about the exam results and scoring.

Exam Retake Rule

There is a wait period of 30 days before you can retake any DSST examination. If you attempt to take a DSST exam title before the wait period has passed, either online or paper, your scores for this examination will be considered invalid, and Prometric will notify the credit-granting institution.

Exam Registration

The first time you sign up for a DSST examination, you have to register as a First Time User, regardless of whether or not you registered for a practice examination previously. Exam registrations for an actual DSST examination are done at the test center. The practice exams and actual DSST examinations are completely separate.

DSST Practice Exams

Practice exams are available to take anytime, anywhere there's an Internet connection.

Practice Exam Registration

To take a practice exam, you must register in the Practice Exam domain by following the instructions in "First-time Registration." You cannot sign-in to take a practice exam using your DSST examination username and password.

Practice Exam Content

The practice exams do NOT include actual examination questions but provide experience in taking similar-type questions as those that will be on the actual exam. All questions pertain to general terms and concepts within the subject area. Each exam contains multiple-choice questions and provides you with immediate score results. The results are not intended to predict how well you will do on the actual examination, but they will help you to find what content areas you need more study in, and what the exam experience is like.

Practice Exam

You will have up to two attempts to complete the practice exam in a 24-hour window.

Exam Retake Wait Period is 30-days

If you do not obtain a satisfactory score, you may retake the same exam title 30-days after your last attempt.

Active Duty Military Candidates

Effective 11, December 2010, DANTES does not fund retesting on a previously funded DSST exam title. You may personally fund a retest of the same title following the standard Exam Retake Rule.

Good luck on your exam!